More about Screenings

The developmental screening tool that we use is called the ESI. It helps us to measure the child’s development in Visual Motor-Adaptive, Language and Cognition, and Gross Motor areas.

Developmental screenings assist us to make recommendations for programming, to identify children who may be considered at-risk, or even to help us detect children with developmental delays. They can allow for early detection of delays and improve a child’s health and well-being for identified children.

2023-2024 Screening Dates

Screening Dates Coming Soon....

What Happens After My Child is Screened?

Screening Results are shared with you right away:

Once the developmental screening is complete, the examiner will review the results to the screening with the parent(s). If a second language is spoken at home, another screening will be conducted to measure English Language proficiency. The results of this screening will also be shared. Based on the screening results, parent(s) will be notified as to which of our programs your child is eligible to attend.

At the conclusion of all of our screening dates, we will place all children into the programs for which they are eligible. Letters are mailed to the families in June assigning them to a specific classroom and time, along with providing all the information needed to register in August.

In some cases, we will need to send letters that place a child on a waiting list. If that should happen, we will call you for the next available opening to come in to register. Sometimes we have openings available right after registration because not all children who we find eligible end up registering. We continue calling from our waiting list throughout the year to place as many children as possible.

What will I need for registration?

As mentioned above, children first need to have their screening results before we are able to register. Once you have received a letter with an assigned classroom, you will need to start gathering registration documents. Below is a list of items you will need:

Child's Birth Certificate

Child's Physical Exam Form-required

Child's Dental Exam Form-required

Child's Eye Exam Form-recommended, but not required

Proof of Residency in District 109 ​​ Utility Bill (Gas, Light, or Water) Current Apartment Lease with child's name included

Proof of Income Income tax 1040 forms (most recent) Two consecutive check stubs (most recent)